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I am posting a second recipe of the week and a new label (category) – deliciously named Appetizers! I made this for a work potluck last week and it’s always a popular treat – so after a few requests for the recipe here it is!


Asian Cream Cheese Spread

1 block (250gr) cream cheese
soya sauce (your favourite – we use china lily for this spread)
sesame seeds
rice crackers

The night before toast your sesame seeds…..
Pour enough sesame seeds into frying pan to cover bottom. Turn heat onto medium low. Stay next to fry pan, watching sesame seeds…flipping regulary so they don’t burn. Toast to desired doneness. Pour into bowl and let cool. Once cool pour into ziplock bag or container with a lid.

Take cream cheese out of fridge. Using a skewer poke holes on all sides of cream cheese. Put into tupperware like container (with lid) and pour soya sauce on top. Turn cream cheese so that every side is covered in soya sauce. You only need about a quarter of an inch (or less) soya sauce in the bottom. Put into fridge and turn every couple of hours (or whenever you remember) to ensure each side gets some time soaking up the soya sauce.

The next day……
When ready to serve, pour sesame seeds onto plate. Take cream cheese out of container and roll all sides in sesame seeds, covering completely. Put on plate, surround with rice crackers and serve!


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