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Marshmallow Roll

This is a recipe that’s been passed along and enjoyed at Christmas for decades. A true family tradition passed down from my mom (right up there with the christmas morning wife saver).  I always looked forward to her making it and now my kids look forward to helping me make it!

Marshmallow Roll

4 squares semi sweet chocolate
4 tbsp butter
1 – egg, beaten
1 – cup icing sugar
3/4 cup – shredded coconut
3 cups – miniature marshmallows

Aluminum Foil

Melt butter & chocolate in a bowl over pot with hot water or double boiler. Remove from heat and whisk in egg until combined. Cool for a few minutes then gently mix in icing sugar and marshmallows.

Meanwhile sprinkle a large piece of tin foil with coconut. Pour the chocolate mixture over the coconut in a long log like shape.  You will need to get your hands dirty to help shape it into an evenly shaped log.  Roll like a jelly roll/log in the coconut. Wrap entire log in aluminum foil and keep in freezer until ready to serve. 

To serve slice pieces about 30 minutes before ready to eat. The log can stay wrapped in aluminum foil in the freezer and be used as needed.

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