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Brown Eyed Baker

One year ago the idea came to me to create a “recipe only” blog to support my “Foodie” addiction.   After many hours of research and fact finding we are finally ready to Rock n Roll and go live with Bakersbeans.

Time has been the challenge of late in getting a new blog up and running all the while not ignoring our current Baker Family Blog.  10 yrs ago I was schooled in HTML editing and one of my titles was IT Assistant to the MIS Consultant and as such I knew my way around websites & computers quite well…but in the years since I have A) moved into new positions and away from MIS and B) married a computer geek therefore allowing him to be the “computer dude” in our house…and my “skills” to fade.  Besides I have more important things to do like search for new, exciting and FUN recipes to try!

My interest in food was sparked in the 80’s where a typical Saturday morning would find me watching the PBS and trendsetters Julia Child, The Frugal Gourmet, Jacques Pepin & Wok with Yan. (I use to laugh to myself and think one day there would be a Wok with Wanda).  Since my speciality is not Chinese cooking I didn’t feel the name suited the cause.

My passion for food started when I moved to Vancouver in 1989 and was immediately overwhelmed with the selection and variety of foods, markets and tastes that make Vancouver so culturely alive.  That is when my culinary adventure began.

Fast forward to the present.  Today I am a stay at home mom of two and dayhome provider to other little ones who grace me with their presence.   This blog represents a collection of tried and true favourite recipes that I can access easily when in a hurry, can share with those that are interested and a legacy of family recipes that will be passed on to my two favourite little people.   It’s not uncommon to find me perusing cookbooks & cooking magazines for fun, spending countless hours watching the foodnetwork and searching the WWW for the lastest & greatest Rachael Ray recipes.  I LOVE experimenting with new recipes and then sitting back with vino in hand and watching the family’s reactions…..

And so we begin….

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