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School Lunches

School Lunches.  Sandwiches every day….what fun is that?!  If you don’t try something new…you will not know if your kids will like it…or your husband/wife for that matter! 

We live in a “no peanut butter at school” world now and as such sometimes have to be creative with our kids lunches.  Having a fussy food kid myself I admit there are times I just don’t know what to give her for lunch – and it drives me crazy!  While I would love to be the Bento Box Queen creating all kinds of fabulous lunches the kids could ooh and aah over….it just aint gonna happen because really, who has time for that stuff?!!  The link I have provided for the Bento Box style lunches does have some more ideas for lunches..keeping it simple, silly.

Recently I stumbled across a great Lunch Box Tool that gives you ideas for lunches…things some of us just wouldn’t think of and things that are simple + simply delicious!   This tool offers 50 different lunch ideas….allowing you to check the ones you might want to try.  They then generate a menu for you based on your choices complete with a shopping list.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you are looking for some new kidlet lunch ideas – try it out!

Today’s Parent Lunch Box Tool

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