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I was recently snacking on some caramel popcorn (well it was my daughters) and became inspired to find a quick and easy similar style recipe to make for the Annual Family Halloween Party we attend every year.   I came across a popcorn on a stick recipe that has marshmallows in it. Fantastic.

So I set out to make this recipe for the party. Tip: you can buy the lollipop sticks at Michael’s.

Adapted from Canadian Family

Popcorn Balls on a Stick

6 cups popped popcorn
2-3 cups marshmallows (I used a combo of big/small ones)
2 tbsp butter
3/4 cup Halloween sprinkles
softened butter

20-24 Lollipop sticks

Put popped popcorn in a bowl. Remove un-popped kernels and set bowl aside.

Put butter into a glass bowl and put in microwave. Heat 40-50 seconds or until butter is melted. Add your marshmallows and cook for another 40-60 seconds or until marshmallows are melted. Mix well and pour over popcorn stirring to combine. With buttered hands start forming your balls (approximately golf ball size).

NOTE: the original recipe called for chocolate chips to be stirred in. I tried this and the hot marshmallow mixture melted the chocolate chips and I ended up with a brown gooey mess. I also added in a couple teaspoons of the Halloween sprinkles which worked out well.

Next roll your popcorn balls in the sprinkles and place on cookie sheet. Note: you can also roll them in coconut. Once all your popcorn balls have been sprinklified, push your lollipop sticks into them. And BOO-YA they are ready to eat!

If not serving right away you can individually wrap them in baggies or plastic wrap until ready to eat. Or if giving out to the kids, keep them wrapped.

Not the greatest photo but it shows the finished product!

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Pomegranates have been spotted in the stores for the past several weeks now.  Excited.  My girl and I love them AND the exta bonus of antioxidants!  The only downside to a pomegranate is peeling them.

And so in our quest to find an easier way….some time ago we discovered the technique of peeling them under water.  Easy and next to no mess. Brilliant.

This is something everyone needs to know.  Watch the video and see how it’s done!

Peeling a Pomegranate

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