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I’ve been following Chef Michael Smith for several years – way back when he had very long hair! I met him once in 2002 at a Home Show. He was signing cookbooks and signed one that I had purchased (for an ex boyfriend). He was very friendly, enduring and tall!!

I really enjoy Chef Michael’s style of cooking and so when he tweeted his recipe of the day yesterday I knew I had to try it since we enjoy brown rice and eat it regularly. I like my brown rice sprinkled with feta and so I decided to try it with this recipe. The feta brings a saltiness to the dish that I enjoyed against the sweet & nutty flavours. If you do not like Feta leave it out!

Adapted from Michael Smith

Brown Rice with Apples & Feta

1 cup Brown Rice
2 1/4 cups apple juice
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup raisins
1 apple chopped (you can leave peel on or take it off – both ways taste good)
1/4 cup Feta (dry packed)
Salt & pepper to taste

Put first 5 ingredients into a pot. Bring to a boil and then cover with a lid. Reduce heat and let simmer until all liquid is absorbed and rice tender. Season with salt and pepper. Allow each person to add their own feta to their rice on the plate.

I had the long cooking brown rice (45 minutes) so plan cooking time accordingly based on the rice you have.

We ate our rice with grilled Mild Italian Spolumbo’s Sausages!

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