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I made this tasty and quick little treat last year for St. Paddy’s Day and it went over so well we had to make it again.  It’s easy, quick and fun for the kids to make.

St. Patrick’s Day Oreo Snacks

1 package Oreo Cookies
2 cups white chocolate wafers
Green Food Colouring
Green/white sprinkles

In a microwaveable bowl pour in your chocolate wafers. As each microwave is different microwave your chocolate at 20-30 second increments on medium heat. If the bowl is too hot to handle, your chocolate is too hot. Keep stirring every 20-30 seconds until chocolate is almost melted.  Remove bowl from microwave and stir until remaining chocolate wafer bits are melted.  Try not to get any water in the chocolate or it will seize up.

Once melted add a couple drops of food colouring, stir well to combine Keep adding green drops until you reach your desired level of green, mixing well each time you add drops.

Take your cookies and dip half into the melted chocolate. Then holding the cookie over a bowl or plate drop some sprinkles on top. Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Continue until you have used all the cookies. Place cookie sheets in fridge for 10-15 minutes until chocolate has firmed up.

You will most likely have a little melted chocolate left over.  Use it as a dip for bananas, strawberries or pretzels.  Yum!

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