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What a Fun lunch for kids.  My first-born kid enjoys little bitty finger foods (and she’s missing several teeth so things have to be cut up for her).  I would love to be able to create bento style lunches for my kids but do not have the time for it so I try to keep it fun and interesting using whatever methods I can find.

For this lunch idea you need to find a 6 pack egg carton and pick up some of those colourful plastic easter eggs….the kind you use for egg hunts.

Next find small snackable items (sausage, pepperoni, leftover roast…chicken…turkey, cheese, fruit, veggies, boxed snacks) that will fit inside the eggs, cutting to size and/or using very small cookie cutters to cut out shapes in mini sandwiches, pieces of cheese, veggies, etc.

Today I was so focused on getting some healthy options into the eggs without her seeing, I forgot to add some chocolate jelly bean treats ;).

Any food item that can be cut up small will work. Have fun with it! And if you do it for your kids, let me know what they thought!

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