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Over the years I’ve collected and googled ideas for kids lunches to try to keep things relatively fun & interesting when school started.  Some ideas worked…others not so much. 

This one is pretty straight forward and I have made it many times.  I pick up packages of wooden skewers from the dollar store and cut them to size – smaller for small hands and lunch boxes.  You can also cut the tips off the skewer if you are concerned about the safety factor.

Next add your favourite ingredients to the skewer until it is full and you are ready to eat.  Or if it’s going into a lunch or on a picnic, wrap it with Saran wrap to keep it fresh.

Besides Sammy’s on a Stick we’ve also tried:

Sausage/Pepperoni & Cheese on a stick
Fruit on a stick
Veggies (carrot & cucumber) on a stick
Pre-cooked cheese tortellini served with a marinara dipping sauce

Muffin chunks or cinnamon bagels/cream cheese with strawberries might be the next adventure!

When I’m serving this for lunch at home, I tend to make them bigger. The kids LOVE to eat this way!

Here are some ingredient ideas:

  • Any kind of bread, cheese buns, croissant, bagel, thicker sliced bread (raisin bread)
  • Deli meat or leftover over roast beef, chicken, turkey, ham cut into cubes or folded up
  • Hard cheese cut up into cubes, cheese sticks cut up, mini bocconcini balls
  • Vegetables: lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber cubes, carrot coins, celery slices, pepper wedges to name a few.
  • Fruit, apple works well
  • Pickles or olives, just ensure you keep them away from the bread so you do not end up with soggy bread!

These are some of the simpler ideas.  Be adventurous and create your own!

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