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I get asked about this a lot by my mom friends…not many people have heard about the Halloween Fairy and were wishing they had.   Bottom line is all the moms are up to their eye balls in candy and want a way to get rid of it.  Do my kids need more toys, no…but we’d rather them have another toy then sickly amounts of candy that eventually gets thrown out.

And so the story goes…..

The Halloween Fairy
We started the Halloween Fairy about 3 years ago as a means to control the excessive amount of candy that comes our way after a week of Halloween parties and trick or treating. I am waiting for my daughter to come back with “is the Halloween Fairy (HF) really real?”   For now she still buys into it and so we tell them the HF takes the candy (and the pumpkin) to the kids that do not get any candy. Her response this time was “you mean charity?”.   She got it!   We were so proud of her…she put more than half her candy into the HF pumpkin. Brought tears to our eyes!  Even wanted to leave HF a note thanking her for taking the candy to the kids!!  They both still have enough candy to last them awhile and they received a little gift from HF (book and a car).   We hope one day when they realize there is no HF they will still want to continue to donate some of their candy to kids/families less fortunate.

Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy…what’s one more?!!

If you want to find a way to get rid of excess or leftover candy…contact your local Food Bank or affiliate!

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